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The moment you enter to Bhutan you will be greeted by your guide in Bhutanese attire Gho (male) or Kira (female) which is national dress of Bhutan. Bhutan’s traditional dress is one of the most distinctive and visible aspects of the country. In Bhutan it is compulsory for all Bhutanese to wear national attire in schools, government offices, dzongs, temples and in formal occasions.  You will be amazed to see Bhutanese textile beautifully designed patterns in gho and Kira.


The man’s attire is known as gho, a long robe similar to the Tibetan Chuba but worn like skirt to knee length and hold it in place with a woven cloth belt called a kera. The kera is being tied around the waist, and the large pouch is being formed known as Hemchu or pocket. Some claim it to be the biggest pocket in the world as literally anything can go inside it, like earlier it used to carry a bowl, money, but now it is being used to carry mobile, ipad, purse or anything literally. From inside known as Lagey small white piece of cloth is used with safety pin to hold it together or sometime Tego and then it is unfold in hands’ place to show pureness.


Unlike man, women wear a long floor-length dress called kira which is particularly rectangular piece of brightly colored cloth that wraps around the body over a Tibetan style silk blouse called a wonju. The kira is being hold at the shoulders with elaborate silver or gold hooks called koma and at the waist with a belt that is made of cloth known as Kera. Over the top like short jacket is being worn called a toego. Especially during the festival times women or girls wear large amount of jewelleries along with beautiful patterns of Kira known as Kushutara (brocade dresses), which will be particularly made of silk.


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