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Welcome to Bhutan, the hidden kingdom which is located in the southern foothills of eastern Himalayas. Bhutan is a landlocked nation between the two gigantic nations, China in the north and India in the south, with an area of just over 38000 square kilometers and population over 0.7 million. The country is also known as land of happiness to the rest of the world with the introduction of the famous philosophy Gross National Happiness by the fourth King His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck. The concept of GNH is steeped in spiritual well being or happiness of the people rather than just on progress.  Bhutan is also admired for its natural beauty and its friendly people. Bhutan officially opened its door to the western world only in the early 1960’s, after centuries of self-imposed isolation. Even after years of modernization Bhutan still preserves its unique culture and tradition. Bhutan has lot to offer to the visitors in terms of its beautiful landscapes, unique culture and traditions, cuisines, friendly people, dzongs, temples, and unique architecture. Bhutan’s state religion is Mahayana Buddhism. You will be seeing lot of prayer flags, stupas on the ridge, and monks praying in the temples. For Adventurous visitors, one can do trekking from easy, medium and to hard. Spring (March- May) is the best time to witness rhododendrons in bloom. Weather will be fine if one visits during autumn (September-November). Bhutan is an ultimate destination for some real wild adventurous. Trekking in the high pristine mountains is one of its kind and one of the world’s toughest treks known as the snowman trek is not meant for the faint-hearted, white-water river rafting, birding and camping are other adventures to look for while in Bhutan.


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