Things need to pack

  1. Need to carry rain jacket or compact umbrella if you are coming on Monsoon season (June, July and August)
  2. Need to bring sunscreen, hat, Sunglasses with UV and IR blockage.
  3. Need to bring walking poles (even if you aren’t trekking, you will find these knee savers useful for steep hikes up to dzongs and temples.
  4. Need to bring flashlight for unexpected power cuts and for viewing interiors of dark temples and monasteries.
  5. Need to bring motion sickness medication for the long and winding drives.
  6. Need to bring hiking shoes for steep hikes.
  7. Need to bring full length sleeves as it is required as respect while visiting temples and dzongs (fortresses).
  8. Need to bring all trekking gears if you are doing trekking.


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