Bhutanese sports

Bhutan’s national game is the archery (Datse). It is played with a distance of 140m with two targets each at one end which can be merely seen from the distance. You will be amazed seeing arrow being flown from one end and actually getting hit. Archery is the favorite game of Bhutanese. It is played during special occasions like especially during Bhutanese new year (Loser) among teams with bet like great feast and in urban areas like cash prizes or some attractive prizes are given to the winning team.  The traditional archery is made from the strong bamboo, but nowadays many use compound bow imported from USA. The special effect of the game is seen when target is being hit, there will be rejoice song with simple steps to cheer up to the hitter from his team and there will be women dressed in national attire called kira lined up near the archer trying to distract him from hitting the target and also they act as cheerleaders at the same time.

Khuru (dart) is another type of game played on a field about 20m long with small targets similar to those used by archers. The darts are usually homemade from block of wood and a nail, with bird’s feathers but now for substitute bits of plastic and metal pipe with wood inside is  used.

Pungdo or the Bhutanese version of shot put is played with large heavy stones.

Daygo or the Bhutanese version of discus is of flat stone which is tossed at a target and the winner is the one that gets the closest.


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