Bhutanese Language

Bhutan’s national language is known as dzongkha which literally means language of the fortress which is being taught in the school curriculum as the main subject. One must know how to read and write in dzongkha. There are eighteen dialects being spoken base on region. Like in western region Ngalops who speaks dzongkha and in central Bhutan Khengpaka, Mangdepkah and Bumthapkha. The Cho cha nga chang kha is spoken by the kurtoeps. In eastern Bhutan mainly known as sharchops or people from east speak sharchopkha. On the south people who are mainly Nepali origin speak Nepali but even among Nepali origin also there are different dialects as per the tribe like Sherpas, Lepchas, Rai, Gurungs and Tamangs, they have their own distinct dialects and also there is another tribe who are known as doyaps who speak doyapkha kha.


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