Bhutanese cuisines

Bhutanese cuisines are very different unlike the cuisines of other countries. The Bhutanese love chillies; thus there are dishes where mainly chillies (green or red) are used as the main ingredient and these mouth-scorching meals may well be infused with chillies. Unofficially the national dish for Bhutan is Ema-datse (chilli mixed with cheese sauce) which most Bhutanese love to have almost every day. Need not have to worry, for travelers and visitors in all hotels and restaurants they serve continental, Indian and Chinese dishes.

The other Bhutanese dishes are Phak sha laphu (stewed pork with radish), no sha huentseu (stewed beef with spinach), phak sha phin tshoem (pork with rice noodles), bja sha maroo (chicken in garlic and butter sauce) and Kewa datse (potatoes with cheese sauce), More seasonal are the delicious asparagus, mushroom and unusual nakey (fern fronds), the smothered in the ever present dates.

In other parts of Bhutan like in central part they have different cuisines like Khule (buckwheat pancakes), puta (buckwheat noodles) and eastern part Kharang corn (ground maize) which is used as a staple.


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