This is one of the beautiful valleys loved by many visitors having lots of holy places with the country’s only International airport. The valley is also home to the beautiful snowcapped peaks such as Jomolhari (7314m) situated at the northern side of the Paro.  Some of the beautiful trek routes also start and end in Paro like jomolhari Trek, Laya Gasa Trek, snowmen Trek, Drukpath Trek. Some of the prominent places of interest to visit in Paro are as follows:

Paro Taktshang

Taktshang (Tiger’s nest) is one of the most revered temples in the country perched on the granite cliff hanging on 900m from the base of Paro valley. Legend says  during  the 8th century Indian saint Guru Padmasambhava flew from the eastern Bhutan from a place known as Lhuentse riding on a magical tigress to this place to subdue the evil force of the valley.

 Ruins of Drugyel Dzong

This Ruin fortress which plays significant role in the history of Bhutan was built in 1649 to commemorate victory over allied forces of Tibetans and Mongolians thus the name signifies Druk (local name of the country) Gyel (Victory) during the invasion in 1644. From the fortress on a clear day one can have fascinating view of sacred mt. Jhomolhari (7314m), which Bhutanese believed as Goddess Mountain.

Kyichu Lhakhang

Kyichu Lhakhang is one of the oldest temples in the country which is believed to have been built during 7th century by the Tibetan King Songson Gompo who was instructed to build 108 temples in one day as legend says there was giant Oggress who was creating hurdle for the spread of Buddhism in the Himalayan countries in order to pin down the demoness thus two temples were built in our country, one in Paro Kyichu Lhakhang and another at Bumthang Jambey Lhakhang. These two temples were built on the same day and shares the same history.

Dumtse Lhakhang

This unusual chorten like temple was built in 1433 by the Thangtong Gyalpo who is also known as iron chain bridge builder. Its three floors represent hell, earth and heaven and mural paintings inside is one of the finest in Bhutan.

Chorten Lhakhang

Unlike other temple this temple’s architectural design is different as one can find stupa (chorten) from outside but from inside it’s a temple.  It is located to the south of the town square.

Paro Rimpung dzong

Approached by a gentle sloping flagstone path and an attractive wooden cantilever bridge roofed with shingles and abutted by two guard houses. The Dzong is administrative seat of the district of Paro. It also houses the state monastic community of about 200 monks. It was built in 1644 by the Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. The Rimphung Dzong means the “fortress on the heap of jewels” is located in the picturesque setting of the Paro valley. During annual Paro Tshechu (festival), one of the significance and oldest Thongdrel (gigantic scroll paintings) is unfurled here for the public and the visitors as in the Buddhist it is believed that having glimpse itself of it have immerse benefit of getting merits.

Paro Museum

Ta dzong means watch tower, which use to served during the 17th century to guard the region and the fortress below from the Tibetan invasion. It was converted to the national museum in 1968 under the command of late 3rd king Jigme Dorji wangchuk. It houses a fine collection of Bhutanese art, relics, religious thangkas , collection of masks, ancient arms and ammunition and dead species of birds and animals etc.

Tachogang Lhakhang

This temple is located away from the Paro on the way to Thimphu. The temple is 600 years old. It’s a simple hike to the temple crossing peculiar bridge which is supposed to have been built by bare hand by Tibetan saint Thangtong Gyelpo who was also known as Iron chain bridge builder.

Zorig hike

This hike starts from one of the luxury 5 star hotel Uma Resort and crosses the valley going along the cliff with having lovely view of Paro valley. On the way you will be seeing old fortress zorig dzong and ending near the museum which will take around 2 hrs approximately.


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